For a change allow yourself to be romantic. Listen to GloBeat Boleros or better dance with your companion

On Sunday 12/03 at 10am ET tune to WERA 96.7 FM or stream from Rediscover some of the great Latino singers like Susana Baca Lila Downs LuisMiguelOficial Arielle Dombasle Ángelacarrasco Natalia Clavier #SoledadBravo#OmaraPortuando #ArmandoManzanero and more!

Please remember that   Arlington Radio Station  WERA 96.7 FM  broadcasts  GloBeat   every Thursday at 6 PM and Sundays at 10 AM.  If you are outside the Arlington broadcast footprint you can stream the program by linking to  STREAMING NOW   or you can listen  anytime to any recent WERA programs  you may have missed by  linking to  ON-DEMAND.


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