This program is a compilation of  old and new Latin American music.  We  rediscover the great voices of Mercedes Sosa, Lila Downs,  and Soledad Bravo among others;  singing Boleros,  Milongas  and  other genres of music.  Included  in this compilation are some songs from la Nueva Cancion, the music movement which played a powerful role in the social  upheavals during  the 70’s and 80’s in Latin America and even Spain and Portugal.

I dedicate this program to the memory of my brother Carlos and his widow Eva.   I encountered many of these  voices for the first time at their home,  as they hosted memorable evenings  with great music,  good food,  bad wine and wonderful friends and colleagues from the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV).   It was during those heady days of the 60’s and 70’s, when Caracas was a vibrant capital full of hope,  and Venezuela was a nation of freedom and democracy within a Latin America,  when many other sister nations were being smothered  by brutal dictatorships.  So , Carlos and Eva, gracias! Thank you for hosting me,  feeding me and in particular for helping me discover this rich, varied and extraordinary music of Latin America.

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