This new episode of GloBeat,  the program of world music produced by Joe Gueron,  is dedicated to the people of San Bernardino. In memory of those who were murdered we will play American music interpreted by artists from different origins and backgrounds to illustrate the universality of the American spirit and its cultural reach around the world.

You can listen to it by linking  to GloBeat Ep006

Days before the events in San Bernardino took place, a new episode of GloBeat was being finalized.  This episode includes songs,  by Paolo Conte, Solas and Serge Gainsbourg among others.  To listen  link to GloBeat Ep.005

For the complete list of tracks played on any  GloBeat program please  go to:

On another note,  the new Arlington Independent Media  sponsored radio station WERA  96.7 FM, will be broadcasting  GloBeat  programs every Thursday evening at 6PM for the forseable future.

If you live outside the station coverage area you can visit   WERA 96.7 FM  and listen to  the live program by linking to NOW STREAMING  or follow the ON-DEMAND  link to listen any time to any Globeat episode and/or  other  fine radio programs .

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