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GloBeat Exploring Olivia Records

New episode GloBeat Explores Olivia Records. Discover #KayGardner #MegChristian #ChrisWilliamson #JuneMillington #MargieAdam #TretFure #PatParker #SueFink #LucieBlueTremblay #LindaTillery #DeidreMcCalla #DianeDavidson #WoodySimmons #JudyGrahn #AnnCarol #BarbaraHigbie #SweetHoneyInTheRock and more!

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GloBeat Tribute to Leonard Cohen

It is a challenge to pay homage to a great poet like Leonard Cohen, in a 52 minutes radio program.  Perhaps some may be  disappointed for not having included  a favorite.  More so because so many artists have used his material, and many of his songs.   After some consideration the decision was made to just focus on Leonard Cohen as a performer as well as writer and composers, and not the interpretations  of his music by others. With one exception, the inclusion of “Blue Alert”  a song composed by Leonard but interpreted by Ajani Thomas, when you listen to it you will understand and  forgive me.

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