Please note, the first two short stories are now published on Amazon Kindle.

  1. Caracas Evenings   A love story between a graduate student doing research in Caracas during the 50’s and a young and talented student discovering himself.

Caracas Evenings

2. A Touch of Joy    A young woman while visiting Spoleto, Italy during its Annual Art Festival, has an encounter with two men and experiences a touch of  joy when she discovers her own strength.

A Touch of Joy

3. Obsession   A young man’s feverish obsession with a Tanagra figurine.

Obsession B

4. A Shade of Blue    An unexpected encounter  with a tragic outcome.

A Shade of Blue

5. Chincoteague Night   A young man  wanting to die,  recieves a life lesson from a young girl.

Chincoteague Night B

6. Pinturas Montana  Sweet memories of a first job.

Pinturas Montana B

7. El Salvador  Misadventures of an IT professional.

El Salvador B

8. The Silence   A poem on the inabilty to relate.

The Silence B