Je Suis Bruxelles!

In solidarity with the people of Brussels and to honor the victims and survivors of the terror attacks of Tuesday March 22, 2016, we dedicate this GloBeat episode to them!

The program is an eclectic compilation of  classic music deconstructed and in some cases  rearranged  by artists from different nations and centuries.  We start by listening to “Le Secret”  by the   Belgian composer  Danielle Baas.   The program also includes  selections  from  Mile Davis,  Jane Birkin, Angelique Kidjo and the composer Henry Purcell .

To listen now link to  GloBeat Ep 013  Brussels

For the complete list of tracks played please  go to the   GloBeat   page.

Reminder,  Arlington Radio Station  WERA FM 96.7  broadcasts  GloBeat   every Thursday at 6 PM . If you are outside the Arlington broadcast footprint you can stream the program by linking to  STREAMING NOW   or you can listen  anytime to any GloBeat programs  you may have missed by by linking to  ON-DEMAND

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